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25 thoughts on "Pakistan Vs India Cricket Matches"

  • LOLInUrPIE says:

    KAAAASSSSHHHHMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIR is where it’s at´╗┐ ­čśë

  • Epickiller51 says:

    well it is where planet earth is located and you will need alot of´╗┐ oxygen to actually survive a flight so long 0_o

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  • thatcoolbrownie says:

    India forever´╗┐

  • darkbluemoon2 says:

    inddiiiaa!!! <3 ´╗┐

  • Saajid mota kasuji says:

    Stop being cool it look u hate India but it rock and Pakistan sometimes´╗┐

  • Saajid mota kasuji says:

    U want to make Pakistan cool but can’t because´╗┐ its up to Allah

  • Saajid mota kasuji says:

    Ya u guys just want to make India loser but India is rocking´╗┐ off

  • 007Neutrin0 says:

    Just´╗┐ for your information, the Earth is part of the Milky Way Galaxy that is our local galaxy.

  • kiran kaur says:


  • ImUniversul says:

    sri lanka ftw ´╗┐

  • Iamorton says:

    Total 121 Matches — 48 won by India, 69 won by Pakistan.´╗┐ No result 4

  • Iamorton says:

    Most wins
    Tests: Pakistan (12–9–37)
    ODIs: Pakistan (69–48–4)
    T20Is: India (1–0–1)´╗┐

  • Iamorton says:

    Indians think´╗┐ they r big by playing at home and winning ..here are the stats

  • karambir samra says:

    india the best´╗┐

  • NooYawkerPilot says:


  • imupthere786 says:

    Circket is not game anymore this is´╗┐ all about pollitics that’s it

  • imupthere786 says:

    If Pakistan won the worldcup semifinal then a lot of people killed in the sameday. All people´╗┐ r confidence. That pak win but I knowed. That day Pakistan would not win.

  • NextGenGamerReviews says:


  • XxLeafsNationXx says:

    Pakistan´╗┐ FTW!

  • KingVvkhANxXzZProZ says:

    india´╗┐ LOOOOL WTF AM I looking at LOL indian team is garbage

  • mullahkafir says:

    really? what happended in the last three outings? who sucked? get´╗┐ a life!

  • mullahkafir says:

    O yea? what was the result of the last three matches, who sucked?? you must be a day dreamer´╗┐ or drunk Paki!

  • Iamorton says:

    they´╗┐ r both pakistani

  • jassssiiii07 says:


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