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24 thoughts on "OFFICIAL TEASER – TOUR DE FRANCE 2012"

  • sontitanzero says:

    only the big

  • Themilldude says:

    Cadel Evans FTW! Aussie represent!

  • cam9408 says:

    France is such a beautiful country!

  • WeAreSpartaFC says:

    PAAAARRPP!! Air-Horn Tune Blaster app for iPhone. Tap out tunes on air-horn or whistle. Play back on a loop. 20+ preset tunes. Make some NOISE 🙂

  • francescoilgrande1 says:

    tour or giro? 🙂 both best i think:)

  • Yardbird68 says:

    Yes!!! I agree 200%, this years TDF or is it TDWiggins is totally boring. With the exception of Sagan. What organizers put all the TT’s in it? Personally, I would like to see the TT be a seperate classifacation for pts only, like the climbers, sprinters jersey. Stage 17 summed it up for me when Nibali was in the breakaway with Valverde, they had their little talk and Nibali went back to the peleton like a good lil’boy. This is racing? Rubbish. After this I quit watching the Tour De Farce!!!

  • Tommyfungun says:


  • birdandthe says:

    le bollocks de la mindless bullshit

  • birdandthe says:

    its always boring, its just your brain finally realising that, the big names arent there because they are not fucking good enough or they are banned for drugs cheating, get a hobby and never watch this nonesense again.

  • fdjeux23 says:

    La magie du Tour se finie Dimanche :'(

  • TH3PIONEER says:

    All respect to Team Sky for all the hard money, time training and good results spent but where the hell on earth are the contenders!? This frekin Sky Train has been pwning most of the tour and all of its competitors. Isn’t someone going to attack?. Where r the GC breakaways? Probably can’t break through their high tempo. Just frustrating to watch at times. Christ this tour is boring. Oh well, the Tour can’t be perfect every year. Will just try and enjoy and appreciate it. Better a Tour than none

  • TH3PIONEER says:

    no disrespect to the tour the athletes or the sport…..they’re all awesome… but this years tour has been nothing short of boring…. less big names…average stages….loads of unnecessary falls/crashes/injuries….tack laying muppets….more druggies n dopers the list come prob go to 50+ reasons…. but by far the worst of all is WHERE R THE FREKIN GC ATTACKS!?!?!? as I am sure most would agree?

  • Michael Reiter says:

    Step 1: Pause this video at the beginning and mute it
    Step 2: Open new tab and go to watch?v=OXNwTczi2ks
    Step 3: at 0:43 of new video, play this video
    Step 4: sit back and enjoy it

  • Dz0rg says:

    ht tp://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=SgcnV 6ESE3g

  • cristianriutort1 says:

    The tour of DOPING must be called

  • njeune says:

    Itune or papsun website 🙂

  • serunawilliamsovou says:

    The Omega Pharma Shit-step cycling team has to be disqualified, because its owner Bakala is the skinner (“gauner” in Czech).

  • billy1123168 says:

    Brad Wiggins has got this! 🙂 GO ON SKY!!!

  • jpvn2015 says:

    I think it’s still Cav’s tour. In every sprint finish he’s been in, he’s finished higher than Sagan. But, Cav keeps crashing…

  • EspioArtwork says:

    Spotlight The Tour of France
    Cycling’s most prestigious race has entered its challenging middle stages, hurtling toward the grand finale at the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Sunday, July 22. These vids will keep you abreast of the race

  • snehulo777 says:

    Boring when Sagan comes in, because he will win everythng

  • snehulo777 says:

    Sagan rolling…

  • unforgetablestew says:

    Was/is there an extended version of this trailer? Was a very similar trailer but twice as long or more on the preview programe on TG4 in Ireland. Programe was presented by Phil Liggett.

  • MLH6008 says:

    I love the tour of France. D ailleurs je suis français 🙂

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