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Aviva Premiership Rugby on NBCSN

8 thoughts on "Aviva Premiership Rugby on NBCSN"

  • Ben Davies says:

    Speech is from the lions tour

  • Daniel Manu says:

    Racing92 slayed the Highlanders , this is proof of Northern Hems supremacy when it comes to club rugby.

  • Daniel Manu says:

    Aviva teams would slay super rugby teams end of story.
    super rugbys become a bore yawn yawn. .

  • Colleen McCloskey says:

    I was looking for the Sale v Newcastle game last Friday, didn't find it.So we're talking about selected games, not all?Fair enough, I'll take what I can get for now.Thank you, NBCSN.

  • Mike Ewer says:

    Aviva Premiership Rugby PERIOD. It's not "rugby league", that's the 13-man game. Don't reference "rugby union" as "rugby league" or vice versa, or you're offending A LOT OF PEOPLE.

  • You're* says:

    Should have been Super Rugby, English Rugby isn't really a good ambassador for the sport, but at least Rugby's getting air time in the U.S I guess.

  • brownsupahero says:

    America cant comprehend anything without a forward pass. It's not like the average American has nbcsn to boost ratings. I don't think any American children has the cardio to pick up a ball, they'll be looking for a 40s stoppage after each breakdown

  • esther van dyk says:

    suddenly so detailed particularly theology.

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