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Final – Saracens vs Northampton Saints – Aviva Premiership Rugby 2013/14

16 thoughts on "Final – Saracens vs Northampton Saints – Aviva Premiership Rugby 2013/14"

  • Joshua Budd says:

    Watching this game live, I have never screamed, spilt my beer and swore so much in my life. The atmosphere was incredible. Top flight rugby

  • OsMil 13 says:

    Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Biggest day for Saints for a long time.

  • WyoRado Hawk says:

    Newbie question: The little grubber kick at the 1:03 mark Northampton used to score…. you see a lot of that in rugby league, but not a whole lot in rugby union. Any particular reason? Worked here.

  • Jose Bernal says:

    very nice Saracens

  • Nick Lawrence says:

    I love rugby, and credit to the saints but it's just stupid to have a league structure where the team who finished 2 is the overall champs. not a good advert to rugby IMO.

  • Chillius says:

    I have no idea.

  • BreakingDawnLover199 says:

    My emotions were crazy in this game, well done saints #COYS

  • Angela Hillyard says:

    Some people dont know a lot about rugby

  • bombcollective says:

    Pretty shit final really, the last couple of minutes were good, but apart from that…meh.

  • Earð-Stapa 530 says:

    Fantastic advert for English rugby, what a match…the two best teams this season slugging it out until the final whistle!

  • Anonymous says:

    What a rollercoaster of emotions that was! I wonder if they'll give me half the money for my seat back as I only used the edge of it! No nails, or voice left by the end.  Both teams were outstanding but so pleased Saints came out on top! COYS!!!

  • JTaylor says:

    It was great to see the respect between the players at the end. Fans from both teams applauded both teams for an excellent display of rugby. Fantastic respect.

  • Joshua M says:

    Even if it scrapes the line it still counts. And it was definately on the line not BEHIND. Anyway the Saints won at the end of the day

  • Joshua M says:

    No it wasnt. It can be on the line or over you know!

  • Sam Christy says:

    Look at it very closely, and you will see the LAST TRY WAS SHORT OF THE LINE!,!

  • YarbJohnCarpLips says:

    Well done Saints, unlucky Sarries no doubt you will win some silverware next season.

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