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14 thoughts on "Tim Green: Sports Writing"

  • steelerboy5521 says:

    Read all of his football books!! Tim u rock! Is he writing a new one?

  • bebrave2442 says:

    I love this guy his books are so intriguing and incredible luckiest he came to your school?!!! We had Tom Birdseye…. 🙁 I wish Tim Green came to our school this year my dream come true

  • Aj Rodillo says:

    I never read

  • Aj Rodillo says:


  • Aj Rodillo says:

    This guy came to our school and talked about education and reading for hours

  • 3293jagfan says:

    i read football hero to my litte bro and he said he wants me to play nfl cuzz im playin for junior high and he said u could be thane

  • ChokeyRaps says:

    he went to my school today and he said sup buddy to me lol

  • royalfootballman says:

    I just finished football genius and it was AMAZING

  • JMetallica24 says:

    his books are great. the only books i really like

  • justbangyourhead says:

    he went to my school !!!! 2!!!!!!

  • cjs33139 says:

    well, how about a gay guy who has a crush on him?  😉 Ever since seeing him on Find my Family, I fell in love! He is so sexy, manly and always cries with his guests! What a man. A sensitive, smart, built bodied real man who shows emotions easily.

  • joshrevivalXD says:


  • frankieboy009 says:

    he came to our school today and basically told us we cant do our dreams im like what an asshole

  • joelwelch2000 says:

    he went to my school today what the hell man

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