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20 thoughts on "Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France Stage 13"

  • trimackkkk says:

    its so bs. they tailor made this tour for wiggins, expecting cadel to chase. but thats so stupid. it should of been slightly in cadel’s favor, with wiggins chasing

  • roostewrum says:

    Great ride by Alba over that bastard of a climb at the end. I reckon he would have had Vino if they had made it all the way.

  • MeatCloud says:

    The return of ‘Unreal Neil’ !
    Now I’m pumped!

  • GEEJJ726 says:

    Love it thank you

  • c1osmo says:

    I know I am bucking the trend – and I am sorry about the point loss, but I fully support desicions made to ensure safety of riders in bunch sprints. Sorry for Gossy but if he left hs line (and I wasn’t there) then some penalty should be applied. The sport is dangerous and penalising dangerous riding seems sensible.

  • 89cz3ko says:

    Great video, thanks for putting these together! Love it! Go GreenEdge!

  • IKROWI says:

    well said =)

  • Jenny Cassidy says:

    My sister and I love BSP – drama, humour, honesty. We have viewed them all! Great insight into racing and coaching and support inside the car. Thank you.

  • comjag says:

    Pathetic decision by ASO/UCI (?) yesterday. Clearly Gossy was threatening the “Peter Sagan is a golden boy” narrative and they saw a chance to gift him the green jersey.

    At worst he could have been relegated to the back of the peloton and get no points for the stage but 30 point penalty? Absolutely ridiculous.

    Keep your chins up guys ..still plenty supporting you.

  • chriswinter001 says:

    Great Edit Dan

  • Sean Marshall says:

    The Sheriff! Good to see him again.

  • MrBrandonLau says:

    He’s french

  • hopdashrun says:

    what hap at 5:10?

  • Andrew Watts says:

    Best BSP for TdF yet. That stage showed some serious teamwork and a depth to the team. Greenedge has got some grunt. Looking forward to the next few years watching how this team evolves and develops.

  • Ashcox81 says:

    The SHERIFF is back in town!!!!!!!!
    Love you work Orica Greenedge 🙂

  • Sandgroperish says:

    What a brilliant ride from OGE to bring back the breakaway with virtually no help from the other teams and then to have the excitement of seeing Alba off the front and Daryl place so high in the final sprint.

  • folklore2 says:

    So how is today so different from yesterday? Hinault zig zagged erratically across the width of the road twice infront of that bunch of 30 riders and the commissaires did nothing.

  • mudroch says:

    Love the Sheriff, get him on!

  • rickiecheese36 says:

    Love BSP and great to see The Sheriff back in town!

  • kamidphish says:

    The Sheriff!

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