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Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France Stage 14

Sports producing Video Rating: five / 5

14 thoughts on "Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France Stage 14"

  • X2ander says:

    I want to see people biking FAST

  • MeatCloud says:

    Entertaining bastards.
    … & did I mention that Neil’s back.
    Happy Days.

  • natyuotube says:

    Bob Roll taking Ben Miller’s job would be worthy of a chuckle.

  • solovision says:

    What’s the point in working hard like they did yesterday, only to have Lotto Belisol take advantage at the end? This is what happens when sprint teams refuse to share the workload in chasing down breakaways.

  • seanbear69 says:

    you guys having a bit of a whinge today? sprint stage and you don’t even try to reel the break in. what’s that about? gossy havin’ a sulk is he?

  • Shaun Miller says:

    bob roll is a awesome funny person

  • theadoraify says:

    I think, come the end of tour, I might *almost* miss these backstage passes more than the tour. Robbie’s interview of the SBS team. Gold!

  • FlyRodL says:

    Top vid Robbie, they’re getting better and better

  • c1osmo says:

    what coud be wrong with this Lionel (who I am growing to appreciate every time I hear him) My first Ozzie hero Robbie and an all time great The Jensie… The voices we hear/read interesting Thanks for the voyeurism, much enjoyed Robbie ;o)

  • vincoloroma says:

    robbie says”you look like a good rugby player, then scotty says”i thought i lost weight”

  • Sandgroperish says:

    Robbie is a STAR! And getting a big thumbs up for getting Jens for an interview!

  • andrewyao12 says:

    Jens Voigt cameo, automatically the best backstage pass!

  • maxandruby2650 says:

    Love Robbie. Love the Back stage pass.

  • tweed524 says:

    Greenedge ROCKS the USA!!!

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