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25 thoughts on "Lance Armstrong – Tour de France 2003 – Luz Ardiden"

  • musicNsoccer says:

    Tyler Hamilton’s ArmProng tell-all ‘The Secret Race’ to be released on CheatLong’s birthday Sep 18. “I think when people learn how it really was — how it worked, how we did it, what it felt like — they’ll see that this story is bigger than any one individual in the sport,” Hamilton had told “60 Minutes” that WinWrong’s victorious Tour de France teams were fueled by banned drugs and methods. Hamilton was DopeStrong’s close teammate.

  • Mikes1790 says:

    És el puto amo.

  • musicNsoccer says:

    “After years of rumors and accusations, nearly three times more Americans dislike Armstrong than like him, according to Q Scores, a company that measures the likability of personalities.”

  • Diixi15 says:

    They are all dope. So if he can does it, it’s because he’s better ! Armstrong ♥

  • musicNsoccer says:

    Question: During all those Postal years, how many days did Prong spend isolated and alone in the cafeteria, blissfully unaware (as he claims) that all 10 of his team-mates were doping? Count em and when you have the answer post it here!

  • Konstantin Tereshenko says:


  • musicNsoccer says:

    When truth bites, it often bites hard. Truth: his 3 closest associates (including dope-doctor Ferrari) are now banned for LIFE. Truth: his 10 teammates attest to his ring-leadership of the doping effort. Truth: he is banned from any cycling competition (eg IronMan). I feel for all you blind and mindless followers trapped in you maze of crazy fanaticism and lies. The truth hurts, but the truth will set you free. He was and is a CheatingMan. Dope Strong, Win Wrong, Cheat Long, Arm Prong!

  • musicNsoccer says:

    Arm Prong is now formally charged, his 3 closest associates including his dope doctor is now banned for life. His day is coming.

  • musicNsoccer says:

    Actually the guy is correct. Armprong has doped strong, cheated long, won wrong.

  • musicNsoccer says:

    actually it’s an appropriate reaction for a cheater that cheated so long.

  • G4meEnder says:

    7 people will never anything in their life

  • RockyBalboa010 says:

    stupid reaction, you are not a cyclist fan at all

  • geir44 says:

    Go to hell, Lance.

  • thetennisgame says:

    All the riders behind him were doped. Not only Lance.

  • thetennisgame says:

    And you the biggest stupid in humanity history

  • CarlHindsgaul says:

    oh my god, please stop living in a dream world, and start to realize the truth for chrits sake!

  • GGxodus says:

    Just let the man race Kona please. it wolud mean so much for the sport!

  • musicNsoccer says:

    As someone else wrote” Dopestrong continued to be a paying client of Dr Ferrari even AFTER the Dr had already been declared a fraud by his own countrys court system, and AFTER it was proven he helped dope dozens of cyclist with EPO”. “In between Tour stages Lance spent hours in the cafeteria all by himself, scratching his head wondering where his teammates and trainers were. Now Lance finds out they were all hiding out injecting EPO and taking blood transfusion”

  • musicNsoccer says:

    “This court is not inclined to indulge Armstrong’s desire for publicity, self-aggrandizement or vilification of Defendants, by sifting through 80 mostly unnecessary pages in search of the few kernels of factual material relevant to his claims,” US district judge Sam Sparks said today as he dismissed the doper’s frivolous lawsuit.

  • musicNsoccer says:

    Dope Strong, Win Wrong, Cheat Long, Arm Prong!

  • Castyo says:

    lol USADA don’t think like u…all pro are doped…they be carefull to don’t pass the limits but…all use doping

  • SMiiTHyyix says:

    I don’t see why the authorities are so bothered whether he has doped or not, the FBI found no evidence of it so they should leave it that rather than make charge after charge and investigation after investigation which all subsequently come to nothing

  • MrHazerleee says:

    with two balls he would be man enough to tell the truth…

  • musicNsoccer says:

    Lance Armstrong Faces Grim Endgame as His Doctors Are Banned for Doping (abc news). While the seven-time Tour de France champion maintains that he never used any performance enhancing drugs, official sanctions (lifetime bans) have now been handed down against three men directly linked to Armstrong’s cycling achievements.

  • jakeagusta says:

    Great video !!! Thanks for posting. Armstrong is a legend !

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