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25 thoughts on "Commuter Dreams"

  • beatroot09 says:


  • jpredaina says:

    5 people have to drive cars to work

  • fergiewergie says:

    Love it.

  • aToOoOoMboi says:

    Just saw a post about this on facebook by wiggles…. so cool love it:-)

  • bffaris says:

    Very creative. You have to love the Hawthorne Blvd bike commute traffic.

  • myforwik says:

    hahahaha nice video

  • rubber2theroad says:

    I can’t believe this didn’t make filmed by bike. One of the best i’ve seen.

  • iambendavis says:

    1:21 - Bahahaha

  • lanceprime says:

    Love the video, well done.
    BC Canada

  • skoockum says:

    Those are swell racing fenders. Are they titanium or carbon fiber?

  • pdxcommuter says:

    I have this fantasy too. Sometimes Phil and Paul provide commentary on my ride up Capitol, between Barbur and Wilson High School, in Portland, OR. Well done.

  • 505197 says:

    Walter Mitty dominates on his way to work, well done mate . It reminds me of the many game winning shots I made as mom called me in for supper. Many a heroic shot was made in the back yard championships of my youth.

  • 02stanislava says:

    This is simply beautiful. Brought a big smile to my face, every cycling enthusiast should see this – and it would be truly appreciated. Fabulous!!

  • cccorlew says:

    I laughed, I cried, a jumped around the room. Stunning!

  • pdxjayteepee says:

    I can totally relate. We had a young couple and their son cheer us on riding through that cemetery on a training ride. It made me smile when they were shouting about the “attack on l’Alpe d’Huez. The hand slaps were a bonus.

  • edgecru5her says:

    This is pretty funny. Well done. I ended up with a big grin on my face.

  • lamargna says:

    i like it a lot, though 3 mins to long for my taste, but great work, congrats!

  • Rob Bishop says:

    loved it. great work mate.

  • SettleNow says:

    Well done! Thanks for that. You put a smile on my face.

  • gdgtrekker says:

    excellent, well done. I like the OR finish as well.

  • twistythistle says:

    I want his commute.

  • TLKDPROD says:

    Sooo good ! Made my day !

  • TarmacSkin says:

    Great video!! Very funny indead!.. Thanks for posting it

  • rskidork says:

    Merritt – you rock man – can’t say that any cath jockey ever looked so good schlepping his way up to the PVAMC – sweet video – a real “show of defiance”… but I’m not so sure about the “…young rider…” bit – cheers RM

  • axessdenyd says:

    Very much enjoyed the video–I must admit to similar thoughts going through my head on occasion. I love the terrain of the ride, but I won’t be able to handle that until I drop quite a bit more weight and get back into shape. Just wanted to let you know that the vid is one of the things helping to inspire me to ride my bike to work more now.

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