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*Cricket Fight* – Sourav Ganguly v Russell Arnold – India v Sri Lanka 2002 Champions trophy final

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25 thoughts on "*Cricket Fight* – Sourav Ganguly v Russell Arnold – India v Sri Lanka 2002 Champions trophy final"

  • krishnakarthikfilms says:

    Dada is the best!!

  • kkp3007 says:

    money less beggars who beg to bcci and earn from ipl

  • kkp3007 says:

    sri lankan beggars whose cricket board begs for financial aid from bcci so that they can pay their players. if bcci does not pay any money to the bastards, cricket will be a thing of past in the war tore country. India should never play the country that killed lakhs of innocent tamils.

  • Ankit Jain says:

    Haha Ganguly 🙂

  • attebhabal says:

    Dreamz, u can dream about kicking Indian ass

  • Dreamz4life2 says:

    haha just coz we are a small country doesn’t mean we can’t kick your indian ass.So just Fuck You!

  • niranu78 says:

    lol i bet you didnt get a reply. nice

  • sharmaldh says:

    typical lankan apes.

  • sportsman786 says:

    haha.. .nice reply.

  • mdichathuranga1 says:

    tripical bloody Indians

  • karthikeyan sachin says:

    i am a indian and the great tamilian. you sri lankan, the racist bludy fuckers. courageless cowards. they even have no courage to stood against prabaharan.u have no rights to critise us. so INDIANS leave they are dead snakes, if we beat them its a shame to us.VAALGA PRABAKARAN. JAI HIND

  • Shash0211 says:

    I am Indian… but your comment is too damn funny…. such people need to be taught lessons, be it indian or anyone else. They give our country a bad name, reignergautam1 FUCK YOU!!! 😛

  • MultiRebel420 says:

    Sri lankan pussys are so pissed off, couldn’t win a 2 match

  • jjfattah says:

    ..not to run on the wicket..bloody hell what shoud he do then..its cricket !

  • onesh17 says:

    fuck ganguly and the motherfucking indian race…the worst of human kind!

  • TheStarryboy says:

    zaheer khan looks so young

  • nautankiDumbo says:

    Dada u rock..

  • Charana Gayanagith says:

    we are going to win our t20 world cup ths tym,lets c how India wahitewashing in SL

  • rohan64bit says:


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  • rocknopper says:

    What r u on about??? what country r u

  • PHY worl says:

    it not good to comment other religions if ur Indians it not the correct way indian think every one in this world must be happy

  • PHY worl says:

    thats why ur commenting on us what ur countries history backstabber always bombed my terrorist and begging other arms sorry to say this

  • PHY worl says:

    but indian won the world cup in t2o for the first time,
    india is only to won 2 one day world cups in asia
    first asian country to win world cup how have been fucked in 2011

  • rocknopper says:

    by the way im christian

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