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Bangladesh vs India (Asia Cup, March 16, 2012) : Highlights – 2nd Innings Part2.mp4

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24 thoughts on "Bangladesh vs India (Asia Cup, March 16, 2012) : Highlights – 2nd Innings Part2.mp4"

  • razer0072073 says:

    9:06 DAMN! 🙂

  • maaz abbasi says:

    so shame for India Bangladesh defeat them ooooooooooooo

  • ExtremeEnergyForce says:

    That was such a excellent and historic match for both sides just a shame Bangladesh couldn’t win the cup because they would’ve most certainly uplifted them in terms on marketing and sponsoring.

  • TheRDvlog says:

    it was almost our first cup AGAINST THE THREE BEST TEAMS IN THE WORLD!

  • CrazyAvidGamer says:

    00:10 wtf
    00:23 double wtf

  • Makki Changwani says:

    lolllzzzzzzzz indian

  • Khan12078 says:

    wow why such harsh words, so what Captains say such things to keep you guys happy and we barley won but are still one of the most dominating teams in the world without any of our best players. When we lose we don’t cry, we take it like a man and move on now trod along!!!

  • ahmedkibaba says:

    your captain said and i quote ” Bangladesh was the best team this year in Asia Cup ”
    btw, your cricket team is like 20 years older than ours.. ofcourse you won BARELY.
    so fuck off.

  • Khan12078 says:

    second best Pakistan won so we where the best team

  • TheRDvlog says:

    Finally! A nice indian! You people are exceptions! You guys actually accept us Mashallah! And I am accepting India for you!

  • TheRDvlog says:

    thank you! You corrected me!

  • Cool Tajwar says:

    Please say inshallah vai inshallah ALLAH will make Bangladesh the best team in t20 world cup 2012 Ameen

  • TheRDvlog says:

    Next World cup in ODI’s we will kick India out.

  • TheRDvlog says:

    my dreams will be reality. Starting at the t20 World cup in sri lanka. We will go far in it…

  • wajdanhaider says:

    in your dreams

  • wajdanhaider says:

    jo jeeta woh sikander.. jo haara wo bandar. pakiz took the asia cup.

  • Qazi4000 says:

    ya man your right Bangladesh should have won that match if razzak had not got out on the 2nd last ball of the bangali innings and would have just took a single then get mahmudullah on strike they would have had a huge chance

  • TheDDDON says:

    Just a simple comparison..We beat India and You guys were beaten by India…So in a way we were better…Now if u wanna brag about a 2 run narrow win over us then hats off…Such a great cricketing nation u guys are but fans like u made their image bad…Appreciate the fact that bangladesh was better than pakistan..You guys were lucky… We don’t often play good but that’s one tournament everyone will agree we were the best 🙂 peace

  • ThePakistanthebest says:

    Bangladesh performed very well , they are the real champions of the asia cup , Pakistan didn’t performed as they were suppose to perform ,

  • shahid0313 says:

    pakistan asian champions ……….you bastard indian hindos

  • TheFilthysoul says:

    shakib was not out at 49 runs !!!!!!!

  • Qazi4000 says:

    if they were the best team they would have won the asia cup

  • TheRDvlog says:

    We Bengali’s beat the world champions the 2nd champions and should’ve beaten third best team in the WORLD CUP!!!

  • ikabanza says:

    wtf shakib’s foot was on the line! how was he out?

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