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2011 Union Rugby Australia v Wales pt.7

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9 thoughts on "2011 Union Rugby Australia v Wales pt.7"

  • mrbigshu1 says:

    I wish they hadn’t cut away from Shane WIlliams’ interview… certainly post-mortem on the match could have waited until a man with such a storied career said goodbye. Thrilling match, thanks for posting 🙂

  • dimito4ever says:

    God bless you shane…you gave rugby beautiful memories…:)

  • SlsObrne says:

    dick move on cutting off during the interview , lol

  • meepmeepmachine says:

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THE ENTIRE GAME! The quality is superb! I’m in Canada so I couldn’t watch it. Thank you x 15!!!

  • C24B9 says:

    Well, I have to admit it. I have two favorite teams. Wales & Australia. My hope for this game was lots of scoring and few injuries. I would’ve loved to see Wales win, in honor of my buddy Shane. I started watching Rugby about a year ago, and Shane was immediately my favorite player. Being 5’7″ myself, Shane & I see eye to eye on many things! 🙂

    Great game. Thanks, SKS for uploading it. As was said at the end, Wales & Australia will be seeing more-and-more of each other, and I for one am glad.

  • 77mgp says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all the Wallabies games you upload.
    You are a legend!

  • doogiedog1234 says:

    320p and the quality is amazing… i dont understand

  • SoCalRugger says:

    i must thank you. i doubt u noticed SKS, but thank god u posted the game without brian moore commentating. i watched the game live on a stream. he ruins every single game he commentates. brian moore by far the worst ever.

  • treenut999 says:

    What a great ending to the game. Couldn’t have written it any better. Top humble lad Shane Williams.

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