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25 thoughts on "Australia Rugby Commercial (butterflies)"

  • thefatassunicorn says:

    british people have gay accents

  • Emirates419 says:

    AUSSIE couldn’t win agaist NZ any day

  • thecallan008 says:

    These jerseys are so much bettere than the current ones

  • TomCantellow says:

    australia are rubbish anyway

  • induna7 says:

    To settle this argument, the reason it is sometimes reffered to as Rugger is because in the 19th century it became popular to ad “er” to the end of many sports, as well as other colloquialisms. Thats why you get “footer” “soccer” and “rugger”. And yes rugger is also used to refer to someone who plays the game. Hope that clears things up.

  • MrGlibson says:

    Hey Guys type “Gift” before YOUTUBE, then press enter

  • AnimalisticMaggot says:

    good on ya mate

  • magsantug says:

    we have too much focus on American football, we get some of those guys involved with the sport, and better coaching, plus a little time for experience and such to develop, we could be a rugby power, but it will take a good amount of time.

  • magsantug says:

    some places in england call the game rugger as a slang term.

  • katpiering123 says:

    If you call Jesus you should talk to Him He is listening

  • thenurispunk says:

    i love americans that play rugby.

  • LunchtimeLoonies says:

    who gives a shit. Rugger / rugby whatever…..that’s not the point of the advert. It’s awesome…..I get butterflies right up until I get hit. Then it’s game on and I just enjoy the game.

  • mpeppermint23 says:

    I never even knew aussie men could play sports.

  • hellgirl013 says:

    Yeah he had an incredibly stupid comment, but that doesn’t mean he’s from Canada. 

  • macknificent100 says:

    I cant believe you havent deleted this comment.You are the most stupidest motherfucker on youtube, its probably coz you’re from canada.

  • macknificent100 says:

    US rugby is still developing.I believe if they spend more money into the sport.you guys will be a force to be reckoned with.You can see the potential.

  • sykeselyk says:

    That was deep ! i like it

  • wtabakau says:

    Hahahaha….its amazing it just took you few words, to merely piss you off. LMAO. Boci.

  • bubukaka5 says:

    You don’t have to be so rude about it bastard guy !

  • gnarkillkicksass says:

    Are you really that stupid you think Hitler was an Australian? Bend over cause your getting a fist full of fact up your arse – bite the pillow cause its going in dry – he was from AUSTRIA you inbred, ill-educated fuck.

  • phillums says:

    Paul Moylan should be on that team.

  • MarkyMarkSaffa says:

    Are u serious? That happened in Austria in Europe not Australia u dumb feck!

  • chris2138 says:


  • MrBodyboarder64 says:

    ur retarded, hitler was born in austria, thats in europe, austrailia is pratically over the other side of thee world, and besides, you cant judge a nation based on one person no matter how bad they are!

  • MKLA2 says:

    Dude your soo stupid its hilarious!

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