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25 thoughts on "Tour de France-Chris Boardman 1994 Fastest Ever Time Trial!!"

  • TheHarrietboardman says:

    Chris Boardman was not on drugs! He was tested regularly, your just small minded, fantastic rider!

  • nightowl8936 says:

    This is the fastest TT in terms of speed, and LeMond’s 1989 ride was almost as fast over 24 km, and Lance Armstrong was just a tad slower than this over a 58 km time trial … but of all of these, I would say LeMond’s is probably the best because both Boardman and Armstrong were riding more advanced bikes than LeMond had in 1989. That Lotus bike is one of the best, and Armstrong has the HED3 and Trek technology on his side. But all three rides are memorable and should be respected.

  • solorider000 says:

    the second place rider barely made it to 53km/hr avg speed and most were at 50. course was fast but nothing exceptional. all prologue courses are fast. boardman was just pure class

  • RamboLambo002 says:

    That Lotus bike is a work of art!

  • TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

    all the speed tells you is the course was fast. flat or slightly downhill with predominately tail winds.

  • luger666666 says:

    1:05 poor guy, only 7km and already got passed by another rider lol

  • Andy1ad says:

    And done clean as well.

  • gregy55902 says:

    Everyone that plays down Lemond’s TT is an absolute wanker. I’d like to see CB do 55kmph after 2000 miles of racing, but the rides are incomparable for this very reason. Yes this is a good TT, but Lemond’s was over 3 times longer and almost just as fast. Basically, all this bickering is useless. Boardman was best at short TT in the prologue, Cancellara is modern TT 4 time world champion, and Lemond was able to will himself to victory in ’89 TDF with a devastating TT time.

  • bergslag says:

    COME ON you can not win in cycling if you are not on drugs. That is why Cancellar has lost several times to Tony Martin. UCI’s doping suspicions from 2010 Tour de France tony was on level 7 and cancellara level 1,Those in categories six and above (6-10) showed “overwhelming” evidence of some kind of doping. Are you serious, Lemond and Boardman was the worst time of dopingoffenders, no test, no limit no blood passport and so on.

  • sprintbass says:

    that would be something…everyone talks about how big and strong cancellara is…i will give him credit for being more consistant than boardman…but i still want to see him break records…id love to see him break the hour record but the UCI messed all that up with thier bike rules…

  • dan32113 says:

    Lemond drug addict? rubbish, all the evidence suggest he was clean! Cyrille Guimard said Lemond was the only clean rider at Renualt elf Gitane. He left PDM because of there drug use, don”t you think Armstrong, who is Lemonds bitter rival hasn”t tried to find shit on Greg, but there is nothing! Nobody has ever come forward & said Lemond takes drugs! Boardman was clean as well, are you jealous he is faster rider than Cancellara. Lemonds watt was lower, beacuse he was drug free!!!

  • bergslag says:

    And i dont care, Fabians was ranked 1 UCI’s doping suspicions from 2010 Tour de France. That means he is not even near doping. Of course boadman,armstrong and lemond were drugaddicts. Lemonds watts was low in the last TT in 89 tdf.Just 420 watts,as i said, Gustav Larsson did Sovang 2009 and placed 6th, 486 watts.
    Tour de france 2011 was the cleanest Tour in 20 years. Even armstrong in 2010 was afraid of using bloodbags (he only used epo to 2000 after that bloodbags)

  • bergslag says:

    you are dumb, focous has nothing to do with winning a TT, so Fabian is the best to focus…dumb.

  • dan32113 says:

    thicko! read this! the 1986 finish on Alp d”huez was ridden slowy by Lemond & Hinualt. They had already broken the opposition on earlier climbs! They rode it side by side & joined arms at the top! They weren”t racing up the mountain stupid… ps Armstrong is going to prison, the Feds are on his EPO ass! FACT

  • bergslag says:

    you are stupid, read this:
    Lemond did 420 watts in 89 TT he said, Gustav Larsson TT in solvang 2009,he did 486 watts (HE CAME 6TH).
    And yes, that is vo2 ml/kg/min, not totally vo2 max without /kg. Of course Cancellara has much bigger vo2 max but lower vo2 max/kg/min. He did alpedhuez in 48min in 1986,Arstrong about 10 minutes faster.

  • dan32113 says:

    @bergslag Boardman did ride the fastest ever prologue, FACT. Lemond would beat anyone, he rode 25km in 1989 @ 54.545 km/h. Boardman was a track cyclist, he had more pure speed than Cancellara. But i”d say Lemond was untouchable over longer distance, his VO2 max was in the 90″s! (very high!)

  • dan32113 says:

    you are correct, modern bikes do not make you faster! because after this the fastest ride in Tour history at over 55km/h, in 89 Lemond rode over 54km/h for the 2nd fastest ever in tour history. This proves it wasn”t an 89 bike but the machine called Greg Lemond!

  • kona6495 says:

    modern bikes really dont make you faster… much.
    they are all about saving a second or two.. the biggest aerodynamic brake is the rider, which makes up to 90% of the front surface area of a bike and rider travelling in the wind so the maximum a modern bike could save over on of those bikes is far less than 10% plus the lotus was a very aero frame to begin with, a shape like that would surely be banned by the UCI.

  • nonfictionone says:

    Some riders only ever raced totally doped riders, e.g. Boardman, Evans (and many others). These would be TRULY cycling greats in what they would have won if not for the jungle juice their competitors were on.

  • 25jonathan says:

    imagine how fast he would be able to ride with today’s bikes!

  • MrKatiusko says:

    What this man could have done if he would have known to climb well…

  • bergslag says:

    easy pic, cancellara! before 1999 there is a clip of indurain on youtube flying away from armstrong in a TT in the tour de france. In olympic games 1996 Abraham Olano was just second behind Indurain in the TT. In 1999 there is a clip on youtube of armstrong flying away from olano in tour de france TT..So a doped up Armstrong would be the hardest competitor. In this tour de france 64km TT indurain did beat boardman by 5 minutes. In 2009-10 Armstrong was beaten several times by cancell

  • bergslag says:

    indurain was only 15 sec slower, the next TT boardman was 5 minutes behind indurain who did 51,2km/h in a 64km time trial.

  • sprintbass says:

    got to give to the english..natural tt riders

  • jeansilvas says:

    Ja I enjoyed this guy at his best, I just never understood why he didn’t win a longer time trial in the tour and give Indurain a carrot there he had the pedigree for it if you can do the shorter distances of 2minutes or more effort you can do long distance it is a fact.Only sprints use different muscles for 45 seconds or less, he had the lungs to do it potentially.

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