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Tour De France 2012 Frank Schlek and Oscar Freire crash out + Lance Armstrong snippet

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25 thoughts on "Tour De France 2012 Frank Schlek and Oscar Freire crash out + Lance Armstrong snippet"

  • Vadager says:

    Man that would be fun just to be in that race great motivation.

  • TheUnExpectingNwh says:

    These people are fucking diehards. they get the worst injuries and still continue.
    while footballers are crying on the field because they get pushed a bit.
    sorry for my poor english.

  • seb1nh0 says:

    it was not oscar freire it was joseba beloki!!

  • Wilson Tai says:

    Life is better when you believe in Santa!

  • death4sk8r360 says:

    Excuse me does anyone here knows why cyclist cover their nose holes while they are warming up ? If you do know please comment me back ! Thank You ^_^

  • 101PaddyIrishman says:

    @londonplayer Frank Schleck! It looked really bad, but he was fine.

  • londonplayer says:

    who is the guy who goes over the barrier? i don’t think i have ever seen that before

  • MsLaurenPanda says:

    Show us the scars in the next videos? ;D

  • bananaman22 says:


  • daliadieu says:

    Frank Schlek. He just crawled back up again.

  • darysons1 says:

    Wow, that was a sweet move by Armstrong!

  • apricotgirl76 says:

    ok. Well stay safe. I don’t want to see you get all banged up on a bike. 🙂

  • MrSoldierperson says:

    Got to roll with the punches 😉

  • TheGhettoGamerz says:

    I was biking last year and i got 64 stiches in my leg

  • rase306 says:

    what’s his name?

  • bilgerburg says:

    That explains why he went over the edge then….He isn’t vegan

  • Stuart Grandquist says:

    ” if you lie down with the devil, you wake up in hell “.

  • scalothis says:

    Perhaps I should learn to knit it is safer!

  • solutionnotpuzzle says:

    man durian, you got the craziest accent ever mang.

  • TroopCollector says:

    Durianrider! You should make a video of your running races! It would be cool to see you dominate in a race =-)

  • JusticELuxy says:

    E v e r y o n e b e l o w m e i s a f a g ok. .

  • liviocolnago says:

    If he has cheated, what does it say about a man who’s drug use nearly caused his own demise, should be given another chance at life and decide that fame and fortune through more drug use is the correct course of action? Not much at all I’m afraid. The reaction of the cancer community rests on his shoulders alone.

  • xxmdogxx1ify1 says:

    you know the future?!

  • liviocolnago says:

    That isn’t our choice to make. Cycling itself (UCI) stipulates these anti doping controls. I would like to see the evidence against Armstrong tested in court for the first time. Seeing that testing is years behind the cutting edge of doping, let it serve as a deterrent that you may get away with it for awhile but when the testing catches up you’ll pay the price for cheating. Cycling has the courage to air its dirty laundry in an effort to clean its house, other sports can do what they like

  • jennifer g. lapan says:

    seriously what happened to the guy who fell over the railing? that was intense. what happened to lance as a result of cutting through the field? did he get a penalty? better than stopping/reversing/crashing. exciting vid!
    ~ jenny

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