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Tour de France 2011 – Stage 12 live (Cugnaux — Luz Ardiden) Part 2

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6 thoughts on "Tour de France 2011 – Stage 12 live (Cugnaux — Luz Ardiden) Part 2"

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  • DaClown90 says:

    Great videos, thnx a lot

  • addalilirishtourgame says:


  • TurkiyeCumhurbaskani says:

    very appreciated for these awesome long racing footage!!!

  • vikingcoachpeter says:

    thanks so much John for posting this!

  • Buyruk Alparslan says:

    Thanks a lot John, thank you very much. Very grateful to you for all this. The 45 mins highlights are very well chosen & summarized. These additional live coverages are the cherries on top. Please keep ’em coming. I recently started once again watching the 2011 Tour from the very beginning – my only source is your videos!

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