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14 thoughts on "Tour de France 2005 Stage 21 Part 2/2"

  • fobolsjov says:

    Seigneur did it 1994

  • geoffwoade says:

    nice finish by vino, pity about all the drugs

  • lammersmedia says:

    Like a boss

  • amirdaure says:

    fuck you DENKOFF,иди нахуй пидар конченный,далбаеб ебанный.Распиздяй ебучий

  • DENK0FF says:

    FUCK YOU vinokourov

  • DENK0FF says:

    vinokourov doped MULE! EPOCOUROV

  • davd1986 says:

    It’s a pity Vino was caught and suspended. Obviously everyone at the top in those years was doing, so was he, but if there was one person I would like to have seen NOT caught and suspended, it was Vino…closely followed by Ullrich and Evans, lol! These guys are true workhorses, they race hard and never give up!! Thanks for all these stage reviews of all the old TDF’s, brings back the memories!!!

  • DJOtoCosworth says:

    First video i’ve seen without dislikes!!

  • BlackRose3400 says:

    the fun is he actually end at the 5th place.

  • Cena1Rey2Jeff says:

    Alexander Winokurov<3

  • artysmokes says:

    I was blown away by Vino’s performance on this stage. In more than 20 years of watching the Tour I’d never seen anything except a bunch sprint in Paris, but Vino just DECIDED he was not going to be denied with over a kilometre to go. His determination to outlast the field was incredible. In some ways it was almost as gutsy as Roche’s comeback on La Pagne in 1987.

  • 467290 says:

    Stupid commentators. Forget the yellow jersey, you are witnessing greatness!

  • msg06769 says:

    Look his already strong, he doesn’t need to dope.

  • BreizhDrakkar says:

    Great !

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