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Saracens vs Northampton Saints – Premiership Final

7 thoughts on "Saracens vs Northampton Saints – Premiership Final"

  • ALDOTRON says:

    Cheating Bastards

  • MissSBatty says:

    what a game

  • MissSBatty says:

    sarracens are crap does everyone else think that
    shit sarracens

  • Rory Smith says:

    How about putting the USA, and Canada in the Six Nations Rugby Union Championship (Currently involving Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Italy and France), to make it an 8 nations? There are nearly half a million rugby players in the USA. I think placing them in an 8 nations, would immediately awaken the USA sleeping giant. It would help rugby commercially for North Americans to take rugby seriously in a big way. Imagine 80,000 fans at a big USA stadium, New York, or LA watching Scotland, Ireland, England or Wales. It would be great for rugby and a great trip.

    We in the British and Irish Isles speak the same language. So culturally it would be a great rivalry to add to the rugby world. The rivalry with the USA, would be like the ones we have with New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.
    I am not asking for relegation and promotion to and from the 6 nations, as that would kill rugby in Scotland and Italy. I think we should expand the 6 nations where it makes commercial sense.
    We love the USA, in Britain, we are obsessed by it, so it would be great fun having a serious yearly sporting rivalry with them.
    Also Cornwall and Georgia could be put in. Diolch.

  • aop2006 says:

    does anyone think that this is the best Aviva Premiership Final ever? because i do im saying it is not just because im a saints fan and the waller try happened right in front of me but nearly the whole of twickenham wanted us to win (apart from sarries fans)

  • Harry Shipman says:

    Love this game

  • DBJMK says:

    About that Farrell hit on George North at 1:00:25 and the expression on North's face on the slow mo replay at 1:01:30 tells you everything about the impact. I've been looking for this hit for years.

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