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25 thoughts on "Rugby World Cup 2003 – Final – Australia v England"

  • Im2pacsAlter3 says:

    they lost pretty easily to the wallabies, all blacks would not have made the final no matter what and they didnt sorry

  • Closehospitality says:

    great game

  • So Yolo says:

    Wallabies CHOKE

  • TJD248 says:

    They have won in Twickenham, RWC 1991 against England. And the Queen was smiling when they did,

  • 12quo says:

    5:40 and 11:03, best moments.

  • OFrazzle says:

    why Ben Kay? why?

  • TheForge10 says:

    Howard , what a wanker , he got his just deserts anyway in the end

  • TheForge10 says:

    All Blacks should have been in the final. John Mitchell fucked the team by dropping Cullen and Merhts and selecting one match wonder Ben Atiga (to slight Cullen as they didnt get along) ) and flake Spensor. John such a good coach – forced out of the Force and now suspended from the Lions. What a cunt.

  • UltraMrwinkle says:

    Are you serious..?

  • GalaxyHop says:

    Well we don’t get that used to losing to you, only makes sense I guess 😉 But seriously, sweeping statements, anecdotal evidence, you’re a gronk mate–nothing like somebody making gross generalisations about foreigners and then calling them xenophobic.

  • icecream2912 says:

    which one?

  • kettlechip1 says:

    You will not see a better back row combination in your lifetime. Wilko might have kicked the goal but those three won us the world cup.

  • kayinq82 says:

    Most Epic Rugby World Cup Final

  • coppertonk12 says:

    I can’t believe a kiwi is defending the aussies.You hate them like we hate the scot’s and the welsh,in rugby any way lol.My point about my comment about the aussie prime minister being a miserable bastard is because at the start of the world cup he was spouting out that it was a great honour to be hosting the world cup and good luck to all the teams that have entered ,and how wounderful australia is and enjoy all 4 courners of it ,and then after all that hype couldnt raise a smile or a handshake

  • bingbang3214 says:

    I’m not Australian. Im a New Zealander. I agree with you in the fact that it was an amazing game and the England team was incredible. I just dont see how you found something to complain about on a video of an awesome rugby game where the team you support wins the world cup

  • coppertonk12 says:

    look pal you aussies are just a joke when you lose anything competative.Your prime minister should be your head of state but like the rest of you aussies just a bad looser. That world cup was the best ive ever seen and we deserved to win,but had we lost we would have still said what a great game even though alot of disapointment would have been felt.But i am right to say what a miserable bastard and even though its just banter you have got to agree with what i say about your head of state

  • bingbang3214 says:

    You’re just like 99% of all the other poms I’ve seen talking on the internet about rugby – completely full of shit. Why is it that whether or not you guys win or lose you always have some sort of complete rubbish to complain about?

  • coppertonk12 says:

    aussie prime minister giving johno the world cup ,what a miserable bastard not even a smile , sore loosers the aussies. If that was at twickers and they won our queen would have had a big smile and shook the entire teams hands ,Thats where we differ from the rest of the world

  • bhushanmd81 says:

    LoL…from 5:14 to 5:20….Gregon owned!!!

  • dnuttall0 says:

    I am a massive wallabies fan. I was 10 years old when I saw this. And to this day this has been my most memorable match ever. These are the matches which makes we love rugby

  • Theocook1 says:

    Rubbish. The 1995 Final was the 2003 final minus the tries (check the score). The 2003 final had all of the drama of the 1995 final with two excellent flashes of brilliance in the form of the two tries. Not to mention the fact that it went to extra time.

  • rewster7 says:

    Larkham to Tuqiri, awesome

  • InsaneMusic576 says:

    2.08, now thats a face that knows his team is gunna lose in 80 minutes 😉

  • TJD248 says:

    1995 was a tad better…

  • whattahead22 says:

    So many penalties!!!

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