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Rugby League World Cup Final 1988: New Zealand v Australia

Athletics producing Movie Score: five / 5

8 thoughts on "Rugby League World Cup Final 1988: New Zealand v Australia"

  • TheForge10 says:

    Bloody hell 20 penalties and the Kiwis were still lost easily

  • bgrod raider says:

    thx for upload !!

  • ZIGSVIDS says:

    at the 42.00 minute “Wally,bit of bad luck,broken arm” ..Great stuff !

  • Tamati Taua says:

    I remember being at this game leaving gutted, sad to see my two heros Mark
    Graham and Kurt sorenson finish testing football like that, Aussie were
    just on another level all their big game players came to play and a few of
    the kiwi boys went back to work on monday……my have times changed

  • IanGorton says:

    Or the very least a Pom from the Super League. Agree refs should be
    neutral. Probably a money saving exercise too

  • john smith says:

    another great aussie victory

  • thievinbrudda says:

    turn it up you whinger! do you want to know who refereed the 2000 world cup
    final? stuart cummings. an english ref. do you know who reffed the 2008
    world cup? ashley klein.. a man who was refereeing super league at the time.

  • glebereds says:

    A PNG ref, would never see it these days. Would have to be an NRL ref, with
    all NRL players. Everything is so Austrocentric these days.

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