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21 thoughts on "Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass – Tour de France stage 5"

  • stcywll says:

    Matt needs a haircut

  • gkgkgkgkgkkgk says:

    “We can’t hear shit”. Classic!

  • Scotteeg says:

    Great to hear Goanna “Solid Rock” in the background

  • Shiffler567 says:

    keep em comming! Got faith that Goss will win one!

  • unclewilly15 says:

    Gossy doesn’t have it this year. He doesn’t have a chance against Sagan in any kind of sprint. Time for plan B?

  • alantjee says:

    someone else of your team of course

  • alantjee says:

    Good video, I hope for you that Goss or someone else wins a stage in this tour.

  • MeatCloud says:

    Cracking video guys. Behind the scenes action, a ‘Goanna’ track and a great piss joke.
    My day is complete.

  • Neophemacrazy says:

    These backstage passes are AWESOME!! Great work Orica-GreenEDGE!!! 

  • TotheBillyoh says:

    Hard cheese. Better luck next time! Go for the Green Gossy.

  • PSBSTEEDS says:

    Chin up Gossy. You’ll get your win! You will improve while others like Gripel and Sagan will drop off

  • Damian Golding says:

    Best Backstage Pass ever. Well done.

  • danjo1967 says:

    Matt – sort the sprint train out PLEASE !!! its looks pretty ordinary so far

  • Ashcox81 says:

    hahaha shave the head!

  • pandymoose says:

    Could you do some videos on how to cook the high energy cakes/breads that the riders eat during the race? I would love to make some myself. Cheers!

  • ryan o'keefe says:

    ahhh so close! Keep up the great work guys

  • Sandgroperish says:

    Bad time for Cooke to get a flat but great work from the others to get Gossy up there for the finish. Making it hard for us here in Oz to get to sleep after such exciting finishes…. but small price to pay if it means Gossy is in green at the end of the tour. 😀

  • Fritzkita says:

    So close Gossy.. great work guys, keep up the great work.. hopefully that well deserved win soon. Great team work and loving the backstage passes 🙂

  • Mario Siulvestri says:

    Well done Orica-GreenEDGE enjoying the Backstage passes. that Green jersey belongs to YOU. lets bring it home. so proud of you all. Mario Silvestri, Sydney

  • bb0xx says:

    i really enjoy your videoblog.
    thx for providing such a good insight into everything around le tour.

    go gossy

  • hopdashrun says:

    so close!!

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