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Mark Cavendish before Tour de France 2012

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16 thoughts on "Mark Cavendish before Tour de France 2012"

  • 25209098 says:

    BITCH dis 2 wheeled niggar aint a squat in da jam when it comes to spooning a niggar off like some nigerian niggars slicing a ham! Marcus cav? Fuunkin can o cunr

  • arnull24 says:

    stage 18 tdf 2012 …….possibly the fastest sprint Ive ever seen…period ,he put people to bed…..respect is due for the manx missile!thats for sure

  • dick gosinya says:

    Not yet. It took a few years. He won’t disappoint us. He’s a druggie wanker.

  • TungstenKid says:

    At least Cav isn’t in a drug scandal like yank junkies Floyd Landis and Armstrong..;)

  • TungstenKid says:

    Cav knows he can’t win the TdF because he can’t climb, that’s why his aim is to just win sprints for Sky

  • alsuew says:

    WTF !! have Sky done to Cav World Champ to TDF domestique. Shame on Sky.

  • dick gosinya says:

    Cavenshit is playing pivot man in the 2012 circle jerk. A perfect position for this low class lime.

  • dick gosinya says:


  • rajkhunt1 says:

    cheer up cav u fat cunt…..

  • Hotelmotelkfc says:

    Mark is on the wrong team for  The 2012 Tour De France

  • dizmaze says:

    probably custom..

  • NickatD9 says:

    the think Cav & Wiggo have an agreement, Cav to support for the tour & wiggo to support for the Gold in london, with any luck we will bring both home 🙂

  • nick summerson says:

    They are Oakley as Cav is sponsored by them but i cant seem to find the model online. 

  • thinkjpb says:


    I think Cav knows Bradley Wiggin’s chances are better than ever to win the tour and he will have many years to come for green jersey wins which he’s already done & it seems he also wants to focus abit more on the olympics for britain but he could still pull it off

  • aaronu510 says:

    Cav vs Sagan I can’t wait.
    Does anyone know what brand his glasses are?

  • Kasiersozy says:

    you mean defend the green

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