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Lance Armstrong Tour De France Best Sprint Finish Ever

Passe-temps composing Video Score: four / five

24 thoughts on "Lance Armstrong Tour De France Best Sprint Finish Ever"

  • MegaAnon99 says:

    That’s absolute bull and you know it

  • Prime5903 says:

    Jacques Anquetil,Eddy Merckx,Bernard Hinault,Miguel Induráin,Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador, Bradley Wiggins …ALL was in doping!!!! ALL was cheating …Cycling is the dirtiest sport since 1950!!!!! But I like it 🙂

  • mjlbold says:

    this is the absolute best finishing GROUP in the history of the tour.

  • Dill Dur says:

    At 2:50, he’s like a shark.

  • snipesnrifles says:

    Same with hincapie.

  • ChelseaAlchemist says:

    Now Landis The Bastard turns on him.

    Disrespectful Prick An Cheat Landis Is.

  • MrPaul1530 says:



  • stefis6 says:

    “…and its the question we all want to to know, what is inside Lance Armstrong…” @4’30”

  • Andrei Gönczi says:

    I bet that they were ALL doped to the same level, and, as a matter of fact, all cyclists today are doped too. But that matter SO INCREDIBLY little when you see the determination on all of their faces – not just Lance’s.

    All of these guys are amazing riders – Lance, Ullrich, Basso, Landis, Kloden – as are so many riders today, and even if they most likely do some doping, I think that the time they spend training and FIGHTING to race like they do should overcome that. At least for the real fans..

  • MovieMad007 says:


  • MovieMad007 says:

    Hey well done Brad and Team Sky!!!! Wooo hooooo!!! 

  • MovieMad007 says:

    only 1 or 2 done for doping this year – although it was questionable because they weren’t exactly “banned” substances they were diuretics! But its strange isn’t it that all these doping stories always seem to protrude when the Tour de France is actually in full swing! Maybe better financed teams have PR agents who’s only reason for existence is to dig up dirt on opposing teams to attempt to unsettle them psychologically to try and beat the other team that way!!! Ever thought about that?

  • MovieMad007 says:


  • MetroKontroll says:

    For ten stages, from 5 to 14. He was the biggest surprise of Tour 2004. It’s a pity he couldn’t win a GC yet.

  • realcoleworld says:

    How long did Voeckler hold the yellow jersey for in ‘ 04?

  • XxxILoveCristianoxxX says:

    And so is yours 😀

  • hopelessromantic1311 says:

    Lance Armstrong was and always will be the ultimate god of cycling!!! 😀

  • LilwayneSmurf says:


  • MovieMad007 says:

    Your spelling is atrocious!!!!!

  • wilsocn says:

    He was a doper and his ex teammates are going to testify that he did it but he was still the king of all the other dopers.

  • NassguI says:

    Here is how you say “dope”: howard martin is a fuscking douche bag moron c0ck sucking modern fsucker who has not modern fsucking life at all and needs to comment on something he’s got no fuscking clue because a pedophile raped him when he was just a little boy and grew up hating!

    Now, do you want me to dumb it down so you can understand it a little more theoretically?

  • NassguI says:

    I saw this live back in 2004, I could not believe how fast and determined he was in winning.

  • getsickiebrah says:

    who cares if he doped. over 90% of the peloton during that era were dopers. if it turns out to be true, I will be more disappointed that he vehemently denied it so much over the years.

  • AXAGUS says:

    FUCK U ALL prove he doped he took every damn test and passed them all unlike others like Landis and contador who doped sdfu he was the best

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