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Jurgen Klinsmann backs using Technology for Matches

The America head coach Jurgen Klinsmann reckons it’s high time the match officials, who are on duty on the pitch, should be allowed to take the help of technology if they want, while making marginal decisions especially the ones related to penalties.

The increase in the frequency of errors made in decision making by referees is something which is discussed a lot. But, still, technology, which can solve the problem, has been kept away from playing any part.

Actually, not a lot of sports have this sort of approach regarding technology as Football has. There is ample use of technology in most of the other sports which are popular around the world and it’s logical.

If there is something which can help you in getting your decision right and if that decision can ensure a fair result of the game comes out, why would you not like to bring it into play? Why would you necessarily want to rely on naked eye?

One argument against the use of technology in soccer is that with the current system of the referees passing their verdict on their own and that too instantly, it keeps the excitement factor in the game which would go out if the replays dictate the decision making.

But, even if that is true, the other angle to it is that the game would be 100% fairly officiated and the two teams would have the deserving results. There would be no complaints after the game.

It’s not that the Football world is suddenly having a shortage of good, sharp referees, but, being humans, they can never guarantee you 100% correct decision-making and any error on their part, a wrongly given penalty or a wrongly shown red card, has huge effects on the match.