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25 thoughts on "indian cricket team fielding at thier best"

  • vikas chris says:

    please don’t divide nations!!!we people are making a huge mistake!!i won’t affect us but it would affect some centiments of others!!!india or pakistan we drink the same water,eat same food,have same body parts etc!!!

    in a matter of fact FUCK RELIGIONS!!there is GOD but no religion!!


    yuvraj fielding was superb……i realy love indian team…and i also supported this team……ALL THE BEST “INDIA”.my best wish always for you….GOOD LUCK.

  • bmk16691 says:

    kaif is the Indian best fielder I fell…..DINESH KARTHIK IS DYNAMIC WICKET KEEPER IN MY cricket world.

  • TheIndianssucks says:

    Indians are fatasses, who can’t field for shit.

  • Shubham Hule says:

    thanks friend …………

  • Balram Keshav says:

    can u tell me which is the song playing in background of this video??????

  • surjit singh says:

    yuvraj, raina, jagdeja, kholi, and sehwag are excellent fielders. 

  • Sachin Tendulkar says:

    kaif’s catch was the best…..all time fav..

  • pqr tiger says:

    please prefix ht tps without space a colon and two slashes followed by w w w and a dot to the following link to watch a fantastic thrilling cricket video .. thanks


  • thiruvetti says:

    Viru’s awesome catch —> watch?v=AWCELCgXpnQ

  • thiruvetti says:

    the first UV catch of Bhajji made me go mad as these were the 1st glimpses of the uprising of Indian fielding 🙂

    wow! Sehwag catch at 4:09 still gives me goose bumps, if it is the one at NZ where he just about grabs the ball on the boundary! Found it as I was typing.. watch?v=AWCELCgXpnQ

    There is also another one like this of him, but forgot..

    Viru has hands like bucket sometimes, altho the bucket is now becoming a mug!

  • Roshan Gandhi says:

    watch live cricket live dot com

  • Rajesh Petwal says:

    we alwaays rockzzzzzz…….:D

  • soulreaperichig0 says:

    All rise for the YouTube national anthem

  • Muhammed Jasheed says:

    Good song

  • Vikas Bojha says:

    ty dude nd m from india:)

  • peace21148 says:

    go desis chak de india!

  • Vikash Kr Prajapati says:

    Thsi is awesome

  • Vikash Kr Prajapati says:

    This is a great video

  • Nousharwan Khan says:

    Am from pakistan but i really had appriciate as always that indian feilding is the best as always………..! Had to admit that….! UV rocks…………..! REGARDS FROM PAKISTAN……………!



  • Deep singh says:

    only yuvraj singh and suresh raiina can field like this…………..

  • IndiaPakistanWar says:

    fuck this vdeio bitches hahaha lololololo loio

  • MrSrilankarock says:

    Dilshan and ponting are the best fielders!!

  • Syed Irshaan says:

    we really miss u Kaif bhai

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