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Bangladesh vs India – Asia Cup Match 4 – Last 4 Overs Thriller – MUST WATCH – Part 2/2

Passe-temps creating Video clip Score: four / 5

25 thoughts on "Bangladesh vs India – Asia Cup Match 4 – Last 4 Overs Thriller – MUST WATCH – Part 2/2"

  • MrEngland92 says:

    Muhmudullah raid doesn’t get enought credit! If u look at bdesh’s wins over past few years, u’d c he’s alwats there 2 finish it off for them if they r chasing down and if he has partners in the other end that stick with him, bdesh win!!! Needs more rating does this guy,shakib, tamim always gets it but raid is da guy that finishes the job! Against england in world cup, against, india, sri lanka asia cup, south africa yesterday t/20..trust he’s world class

  • masum parveez says:

    won bangladesh

  • imran zaidi says:

    bhen ki choot bhaiyon semi final pakistan hara india se india kis se hara bchon se mean bangaali se laanat bhenchod ye cricket hai inki apne ghar k sher hain ye

  • longikongi says:


  • opaarthib says:

    All who called bangladesh east pakistan you guys are mother fucker. If anybody call bangladesh ‘east pakistan’ i will fuck ur mother n ur sister u dick head son of a bitch

  • furqanhannan says:

    boom boom

  • tonusri1 says:

    bangalees are the best

  • 09miaha says:

    Y r the bangladeshi fans so crazy and congrats to bdesh there is a bright future ahead of them

  • umair arain says:

    wow goooooooooooooooooooooooo ggggggggooooooooooooo

  • Ovi Xvi says:

    my asss indian fucking lost da game.. well done bangladesh… remember one thing..Fuck da rest we bengilezzzzz are da best

  • Md. Bahauddin Khan says:

    Come on guys… .very funny….. India lost to Bangladesh…. I am very proud to be an Bangladeshi.. I am happy that i am not like you guys.. who always say bad things to good countries…

  • crimsoneyes36 says:

    bohat buri baat hai ek Pakistani aur musalman ho kar asi baty karty ho 🙁

  • kmaj007 says:

    I’m sad…bangladeshi should be fucked….will Prefer Indians over Bangaldeshi basterds…..how dare they said Pakistan murdabaad

  • shaan445 says:


  • jovialjoshua8623 says:

    Being an Indian…I must admit we have poor bowling unit…But on recent times, we have managed to win crucial matches..I wonder how these PAK’s and BANG’s wait to see an indian loss…Pakistan dont beat us in WC…bangladesh won once in 2007 Wc and talk about that WC win against us for next 50 years…. If you are genuine sportsman having sportsmanship…you appreciate every win in a positive way no matter who plays…..I congratulate bang for winning this match…..But dont be too PROUD:P.

  • Qazi4000 says:

    world cup winners my ass

  • milanric says:

    And then india screwed pakistan badly. so keep crying

  • milanric says:

    huhuhu…even in 65 india fucked u since otherwise u wud have taken kashmir for which u r still crying. hope ur chinese missiles come with warranty coz i am sure they will not work. and india fucked pakistan by 6 wickets with 2 overs to spare

  • ExtremeEnergyForce says:

    The way Tamim Iqbal bats is simply Awesome! I would love for him to play for England.

  • TheAbdulwahidawan says:

    y u not talk about 1965 war.. u mother f*ckr ……india helped bangalis 1971..but this is good for pakistan we are the Nucs power…now…and we will this nucs in your black ass…

  • aurevoir708090 says:

    Pissindia or Bhindiya is known for:

    1) 10dulkar====lundulkar===fuckdu­­­lker hahahahaha
    2) fuck de india==== top nation in terms of HIV infected people
    3) cow piss drinking nation
    4) humiliating 4-0 loss to england and australia ….hahahaha
    5) hindustan =fuckistan====qabrustan=====sh­­­amshanghaat

    Jay “Gaand” jee kee..Jay “GAANDO” maharaj…hahahaha

    Bharat ki gaand mein paki ka lund….examples are reena roy and sania mirza…hahahaha

  • sms111able says:

    and india broke porkis into two in 1971 and kicked porkis ass in kargil and has gotten the world to acknowledge porki reality _____ a terrorist nation. and now USA porkis anna data is taking the food out of beggars mouth. Time for fun.

  • aurevoir708090 says:

    Pissindia is known for:

    1) 10dulkar====lundulkar===fuckdu­­lker hahahahaha
    2) fuck de india…most HIV infected people among all nations
    3) cow piss drinking nation===only nation in the world that drinks cow piss
    4) humiliating 4-0 loss to england and australia ….hahahaha
    5) hindustan =fuckistan====qabrustan=====sh­­amshanghaat

    Jay “Gaand” jee kee..Jay “GAANDO” maharaj…hahahaha

    Bharat ki gaand mein paki ka lund… .examples are reena roy and sania mirza…hahahaha

  • aurevoir708090 says:

    Bangalis now u r challenging pakistan’s victory in asia cup…. u bengalis r so racist nation…first of all your racist and indian loving prime minister doesn’t have guts to present the trophy to pakistan..then ur cricket team was crying like little babies as if the Asia cup only belongs to them.remember u begalis were playing in your home ground & in front of ur ppl and still pakistanis beat u twice. immediately after the match bengali govt announced that their team will not visit pakistan

  • aurevoir708090 says:

    and then in the same match when Musharaf Murtaza blocked shahid afridi while taking 2nd run we didn’t complain or didn’t cry b/c we pakistanis have big heart then ur chicken heart bengalis…. sure u bengalis go and complain but u’ll never succeed and it will be shit on ur face….Pakistan is asian champion now and will remain till next cup……in order to win any title it will take ur team another 100 years …mark my word….in short u bengalis are nothing but TOOTHLESS TIGERS….

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