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Bangladesh vs India (Asia Cup, March 16, 2012) : Highlights – 2nd Innings Part1.mp4

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16 thoughts on "Bangladesh vs India (Asia Cup, March 16, 2012) : Highlights – 2nd Innings Part1.mp4"

  • Sabuj559 says:

    LOL! You made my day.

  • TheSimonHQ says:

    i felt like strangling the third umpire when shakib was out…. well i broke my cell phone anyways……

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  • aurevoir708090 says:


    Actual reason was FISH…..bengalis are fish eating nation and they lost the asia cup b/c all their players were in hurry and were racing to dressing room to eat fish……u lost cup b/c u want to put fish in the cup but pakistanis didn’t let u eat the fish in the title cup…thats why all players and public were crying.. hahahaha

  • p4pathanp4pakistan says:

    u bloody dirty hindus always say that india beat pakistan , so what many times pakistan beat india also, even in asia cups of 2000 ans 2008, so so what if we lost to u slumdog indian in world cup, we pakistanese still have far more good record against u dirty gandustani people, as of now just enjoy slap of bangladeshi on ur indian face, bloody slumdog indians

  • bangladeshirabbits says:

    shut up, u bloody hindu bastard, don,t u know the power of bangali(Muslims not hindu) power, bangladesh, bengalese are tigers
    and u can,t hide now, sehwag said that once, and he said about bangladeshi cricket, bastard vierendra sehwag

  • workhardt2 says:

    He said Bangladesh is easy to defeat in Kabbadi !

  • osamamisri1234 says:

    yes absolutely timing is really important so my brother told me ” remember timing is always important” so i try it and hit it for my first SIX! And i am okay at batting but i did my best to do well…

  • bangladeshirabbits says:

    sachin is very quick between the wickets,but he is too shrt to fuck his wife and to defeat bangladesh(sonar bongla) long live next super power of the world, the bangladesh

  • bangladeshirabbits says:

    lol we defeated india, and proved we are real bengal tigers, west bangals are just ass lickers of dirty india, once sehwag said bangladeshese are easy to defeat, i want to see where is that bastard now, known as virendra sehwag, is sehwag was fucking sachin,s wife when we bangladeshese defeated india, where are u sehwag coem out from ur cave

  • rousseau09 says:

    Nice video and editing. Thanks. Subscribed.

  • iamcool7746122 says:

    Awesome team efforts!! 3

  • mekhurram says:

    one of the best reverse sweep i have ever seen at 09:51

  • jackdatank1 says:

    kick ass performance

  • dhewtin01 says:

    Timing WAS very important !!! :D:D:D

  • ranarubel007 says:

    look at the noise crowed made at 03:25 hahahaha rolf

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