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2003 Tour de France Stage 12 Individual Time Trial Cap Découverte

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4 thoughts on "2003 Tour de France Stage 12 Individual Time Trial Cap Découverte"

  • jo mamma says:

    I love 2003 because it showed that Lance Armstrong is human. It showed that
    doping wasn’t the reason he won all those tours, it was hard work. He
    admitted to not being fully prepared for this tour then in 2004 he

  • chickasmith says:

    My cycling videos are presented by the Himalayan Children’s Care Home in
    Nepal where I have volunteered for 12 months on two occasions between 2010
    and 2013. If you like my cycling channel and wish to donate, please contact
    me and 100% of the donations will go to the Himalayan Children’s Care Home.
    Thankyou and enjoy the cycling footage!

  • peter gentle says:

    What a tour! The 2013 tour wasn;t bad…had some twists and a great stage
    when the side wind shook things up. The TDF and Cadel Evans won was a good
    one too….tight to the last. But I can;t remember a better one than 2003
    since 1989. Lots of different chpaters and plot changes during 3 weeks.
    Thanks chickasmith

  • Guillermo Pineda says:

    el video a perdido la calidad al reeditarlo

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