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Who will win the Premier League?

Betting on who will win the Premier League is certainly something a lot of football fans like to do, although the league has become so difficult to predict in recent seasons that many fans of football and gambling prefer to get their fix of both by playing one of the football-based games available online.

For those who can’t resist wagering on the fraught Premier League title battle though, we are reaching that stage of the season when things get serious. Although Chelsea will still feel they have a shot, realistically it would seem to be a two-horse race between the two Manchester sides now – just as it was last season. The twists and turns that we saw up until the final seconds of the final day last season also showed that betting on the eventual winner between these two is no easy matter.

If the title race is too close to call you might be better skipping the betting section of your favourite online casino and just heading straight to the games. Better yet, you can just find a casino just dedicated to gaming to avoid the temptation of the bets. You can even try a football themed game or two – games like the Soccer Safari slot, found in lucky nugget casino, which features animal footballers playing in a kind of World Cup in the African jungle has both the beautiful game and betting in a less stressful setting. There are other football themed slots too, so there’s no end to the joys of football, betting or not.

Manchester United currently have odds of around 1/3 at most of the sports betting sites, which reflects both their two decades of success under Sir Alex Ferguson and the current seven point lead that they have over Manchester City. The latter side currently have odds of 3 at most sports betting sites, and they proved last season that they cannot be discounted even when they lag so far behind United going into the second half.

Chelsea are the only other side with any real chance of winning the league, though not many fans will be looking to place bets on them anytime soon – the huge fourteen point difference between them and United is reflected in the odds of either 12 or 14 offered by most of the main sports betting sites. Wagering on them would be a huge risk for most gamblers, making it a straight choice between the two Manchester sides for most sports betters.