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Vicente Del Bosque reckons La Liga longer bad for his Team

Vicente Del Bosque, the La Roja boss, reckons that the slightly longer 2015-16 La Liga season is going to harm his team’s preparations for Euro Cup.

With Barcelona having had an additional competition to take part in i.e. Club World Cup, some of the games of La Liga have been rescheduled and the league is going to be a week longer this time around.

This hasn’t amused Del Bosque a single bit.

According to the 64-year old, some of the players of the national squad who are playing in the leagues in other parts of Europe will get free of their club duties earlier and then, they will have to wait for the La Liga guys. It means the whole squad would not be able to have that many training sessions together.

In the words of Del Bosque, “It appears nobody bothers to take La Roja’s interests into account.”

“I don’t have the authority to speak on behalf of federation. But, as manager, I must say the way this rescheduling has been done, it concerns me.”

“Nobody came to me and asked for my views. My answer would have been a big no if that had been the case.”

“It’s not just about a week. The players would actually not get as much time as they could have to gel.”

Spain has won the past two Euros and they would be pretty keen on achieving the feat for the third time in succession especially after how their World Cup campaign went in Brazil last year.

However, ahead of the tournament proper, they have a few qualifiers to get out of the way.

The Euro 2016 begins from 10th of June next year and will go on till 10th of July with the final to be played at Stade de France.