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Juan Mata’s playing time with Chelsea became severely limited on the moment that Jose Mourinho arrived to the Premier League and made his return to the club where he accomplished many things, Chelsea.

Even though the arrival of Mourinho to Chelsea has seen the club locate themselves into the top spots of the Premier League and also qualified into the last 16 teams of the Champions League, some players are unhappy with the Portuguese being at the head of the club.

Juan Mata has already stated his situation in Chelsea as the Spanish midfielder wants to leave the club and the desperate need to a forward that can score goals for the Premier League side; it is quickly becoming likely that Mourinho offloads Mata and make way for a striker.

Atletico Madrid is suspected to be preparing an offer for Mata and reports are already linking Mata with a possible loan deal for the midfielder. Inter Milan and Napoli have also displayed their interest in signing Juan Mata.

When Mourinho was asked about his decision of leaving out Juan Mata for the majority of the season, the Portuguese coach responded by saying:

‘’I try to do my job forgetting that I am a soft heart and pretending that I am a hard heart. With decisions I have to make, many times it hurts me, many times it hurts him. But the best way to do my job is to think that the team is more important than any player. When I have to make decisions, I always try to make it a cold one, icy, analyzing the situation and trying to make the best decision for the team. But yes, it hurts me’’ Mourinho said.

If Juan Mata does decide to stay in Chelsea and having a limited time on the field playing in the main squad, it is very clear and safe to say that his chances to appear in Spain for the 2014 World Cup will take a hit and even though Vicente del Bosque might still add him to the 23 man list, it is likely that Mata will just be going on as a substitute player and nothing more.