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Lazio can qualify for Champions League

Lazio striker Ciro Immobile believes that Lazio has the necessary qualities to make it for the Champions League play-off.

He said that this has been the objective of the team ever since the start of the season and that he believes that they can make it if they stick together.

Immobile believes that Lazio has been quite consistent ever since the start of the season and that they will need to continue like this if they want to get back in the Champions League.

Ciro Immobile has praised his teammates for their performance so far this season, and he believes that they have a great potential in the squad. He acknowledges that there are teams that have a far higher budget than them, but he believes that everyone is playing to their best of their potential.

He said that the manager has made it clear that the objective of the team is to play in Europe next season and that each player is giving his best in order to achieve this.

He said that there were times this season where they had to dig deep in order to win games, and he believes that the players have been at their best in order to win the games.

He said that the aim at the moment is to finish the season strongly and to ensure that they win as many games as possible. He stated that the Italian league has become quite competitive in recent season and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to win games.

He said that the smaller teams have improved a lot and that they have some quality players as well. He stated that the Lazio players should fight for every ball and that they should not expect to win games easily without a fight.