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The all –time top scorer for the Australian national football team, Tim Cahill has been playing football for over 15 years and he is well aware that there will come a time when his days of playing his favorite sport is going to end and he has now set his sights on other things outside of football.

Recently, Tim Cahill has been entering the world of business and investments with one of the latest one that he has ventured into are Shoreditch London which is a men’s fashion brand.

Cahill went on to do a photo-shoot and the Australian footballer also explained that he has thought about life after retiring and he is interested in getting involved in other businesses where he can continue living a decent life even when his days of football are over.

“This is much more than me just doing a photo shoot and getting paid for it. I declined that at the start and then started discussions about being involved in the business and driving the brand globally. I think about the future and am involved in a lot of businesses that can carry me over after life as a footballer.” Tim Cahill said.

The 34 years old player is going to be launching the Shoreditch By Tim Cahill lifestyle ranger which is an extension of something that he has already been doing after having turned into the ambassador of the suiting company which has a collection of jackets, T-shirts and pants.

When Cahill is not playing football he will continue playing an important role in the brand as he is a figure when it comes to the selection of fabric and even designs.