Mar 15

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Feb 15

Inter Milan yet to decide to sell Fredy Guarin or not

During the winter transfer window, Inter Milan had to decide on whether or not to sell the Colombian midfielder FredyGuarin who had attracted the interest of top clubs such as: Chelsea and Real Madrid. After everything was said and done, the Italian club opted to keep hold Guarin and not sell him in January which has proved to be a wise choice as Guarin was the star of Inter Milan’s match against Atalanta.

On February 15, Inter Milan faced off with Atalanta in a Serie A match and a stunning performance from Guarin was enough for Inter Milan to seal a 4-1 victory. The Colombian player scored twice as well as also provided the assist for his teammate Rodrigo Palacio.

“Fredy is a great player and it was strange to see him not performing to the best of his abilities earlier in the season. He’s a very good midfielder and this will help him gain confidence and relax on the pitch. It’s not vital for him to score, but of course it helps. We put our faith in him and he’s repaying us with some great form.” Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini told reporters as he praised Guarin. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Rugby 1991. Final. England vs Australia

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Jan 15

Arsenal vs. Anderlecht Match Ends In Tie

Arsene Wenger, the manger of Arsenal expressed his anger and disappointment regarding the Arsenal Versus Anderlecht match ending in a tie.

The match was held on Wednesday, 5th November at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal is currently five points behind Borussia Dortmund, the team currently holding the topmost place in Group D.

Wenger said that their defence was bad throughout the game and thus they failed to win the match despite leading it 3-0 at first. Wenger said that now there is almost no chance of them becoming a group winner. He said that they lost the match probably because of underestimating Anderlecht after they established the 3-0 lead. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Don’t Mess With India

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Dec 14


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Dec 14


The all –time top scorer for the Australian national football team, Tim Cahill has been playing football for over 15 years and he is well aware that there will come a time when his days of playing his favorite sport is going to end and he has now set his sights on other things outside of football.

Recently, Tim Cahill has been entering the world of business and investments with one of the latest one that he has ventured into are Shoreditch London which is a men’s fashion brand.

Cahill went on to do a photo-shoot and the Australian footballer also explained that he has thought about life after retiring and he is interested in getting involved in other businesses where he can continue living a decent life even when his days of football are over.

“This is much more than me just doing a photo shoot and getting paid for it. I declined that at the start and then started discussions about being involved in the business and driving the brand globally. I think about the future and am involved in a lot of businesses that can carry me over after life as a footballer.” Tim Cahill said.

The 34 years old player is going to be launching the Shoreditch By Tim Cahill lifestyle ranger which is an extension of something that he has already been doing after having turned into the ambassador of the suiting company which has a collection of jackets, T-shirts and pants.

When Cahill is not playing football he will continue playing an important role in the brand as he is a figure when it comes to the selection of fabric and even designs.

Nov 14

Struggling to score, Atletico Madrid are nothing like last Season!

Atletico Madrid have not been the same force that they were last season, as they have struggled to score goals on a regular basis this time around. A lot of it has to do with the numerous personnel changes that have happened in the summer. Star striker Diego Costa, who contributed most of the goals last season is now playing for Chelsea, is being felt since Mario Mandzukic is not exactly the same kind of player. In order to continue getting the results, Atletico have had to modify their style of football in the last few months.

They have been getting more number of goals from set pieces than most of the teams from Spain or Italy. This, in turn, has led to the criticism of the team’s style of football from various quarters. Due to the Spanish league being highly technical, teams do not often resort to physical style of football. Their manager, Diego Simeone, who was recently voted as the best manager in Spain last season, says that he is happy with the threat from set pieces and he finds no in using them to the benefit of his team. Atletico managed a 1-0 win over Getafe in the latest league encounter. Summer signing Mandzukic scored the only goal of the game in the 40th minute.

“It happened again today. It’s a tool in football, it seems like it’s a bad thing to score goals like this. It’s normal to have these types of options. After playing three games this week, it’s not an easy thing to score eight goals and keep three clean sheets,” said Atletico manager. They have been finding it difficult to match the exploits of last season. It is not surprising that they are fifth in the table, but they are just two points below Barcelona.

Nov 14

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