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6 thoughts on "World Cup Rugby Vlog: Ireland vs Australia Reaction"

  • cockneyrebel9 says:

    I’m half Irish as well. But your right, It’s nice to see a six nation team outside of England and France, Get one over the Tri Nations in there own region.

  • M3abhTh3W3irdo says:

    Yay go the Irish! Thanks for supporting us. Good luck to the Irish in the world cup!

  • ConorSoccer98 says:

    great video. thumbs up from an irish lad! keep it up!

  • TheSplashyTadpole says:

    3:52 lol

  • ScanlonrocNYC says:

    Nice to see some English support for the Irish. I think most of the Rugby world were happy to see Ireland win. It is a victory not just for Ireland but also for 6 Nations Rugby over the Tri Nations.

  • hopey567 says:

    Thanks for support to the irish, we should be seeing you English in the semi finals 🙂

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