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Tour de France 2011 – stage 18 (Pinerolo — Col du Galibier / Serre Chevalier)

Passe-temps producing Video Ranking: four / five

25 thoughts on "Tour de France 2011 – stage 18 (Pinerolo — Col du Galibier / Serre Chevalier)"

  • CyclingIsLife92 says:

    BMC was not as stronger as Team Sky…

  • 96DamageInc says:

    Completely agree

  • bigdogsi123499 says:

    best stage I have seen. What a phenomenal phenomenal performance by all the leading guys.

    My god i love the tour de france.

  • Aznkidcher says:

    *Stage 15 in the 2007 Tour de FRance

  • Aznkidcher says:

    Vincenzo Nibali should take notes. This is how you attack the maillot jaune. Don’t give me a crappy attack 500 meters from the top of one single climb. Nibali to me was the most disappointing rider in the Tour this year. He talked a big game and did not back it up. Contador attacked Rasmussen more times in stage 15 than Nibali did the entire tour. He is better suited to the steep, but shorter climbs in the Giro and Vuelta.

  • chuckmukit says:

    name of the music starting at the 0:30

  • Cecil Henry says:

    Frank Schleck too now?? Who the hell knows who is clean or really deserving.

    Just awful for cycling and disappointing,

    Has there actually been a top 5 finisher in the last 10 years who wasnt doped somehow????

  • sportmaster92 says:

    So did many of us…I cried just a bit.

  • sportmaster92 says:

    why doesn’t Andy shleck do Classics?

  • sportmaster92 says:

    Man i just love this stage, love the intro, and just plain love everything CYCLING.

  • Aquamelli says:

    The best stage I have ever seen in the tour…

  • kevinlorna1 says:

    do more live coverage like so he’ll see

  • LorDulicious says:

    lol 46:00 The Mask is there to ? :O

  • mightybazooka says:

    damn he deserved to win last year

  • bids1100 says:

    One of the great stages …..

  • MeGaGliedda says:

    It’s so stupid taking a break when Leopard Trek is setting a so hard pace and Andy Schleck is in 2nd position…

  • marionetemanJ says:

    Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  • SteelCurtain222 says:

    F**k the French. I wish you where speaking German.

  • LilyWhiteRiot says:

    Holy shit – 8:00. Look how steep that is! It’s not always easy to tell, but in this case, god damn!

  • andrewjhendren says:

    nobody can say that cadel didn’t deserve it, but I wanted andy to win soooooooo much!!

  • cawaka says:

    that chase won cadel evans the tour

  • harrington78 says:

    these guys are super human to go through this every day , voekkler was absolutely fucked at the end of that !!

  • TrackForField says:

    My town got flooded this past year…yeah I know, whats my point. So I had to stay at a motel for a month. Guess what month. I was going for Andy Shleck so much that I started cheering at the TV that one of the house keepers had to check and ask if I was alright.

  • oioseanoio says:

    Thanks for the POST!!! Looking forward to this year!! KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!!

  • muziekopdrachtvoorMu says:

    Great Job!

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