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The chairman of Swansea City Association Football Club, Huw Jenkins, has said that the club has planned to increase the capacity of the Liberty Stadium and they will start working on this project at the end of the ongoing season.

The Liberty Stadium currently has the capacity of accommodating 20,500 people and in most of the home matches of Swansea, the stadium gets jam packed. A lot of Swansea supporters don’t manage to buy tickets because the tickets are available only in limited numbers.

According to Jenkins, he doesn’t feel good about the fact that a lot of Swansea supporters don’t get tickets for the home games regularly and that’s why, he has decided to increase the capacity of the stadium.

Talking to the reporters in a press conference, Jenkins said, “We have planned to increase the accommodation capacity of the Liberty Stadium. The plan is to increase the number of seats to 22,000 at the end of the ongoing season and then, to add another 5,000 seats before the start of 2014-15 season.”

“We want to increase the seating capacity to 32,000 eventually. We will go step by step. It will take a couple of years, but, hopefully, we will succeed in doing what we want. The work is likely to get underway in summer.”

“It’s really disappointing that a lot of club supporters don’t get tickets to watch the home matches from the stadium. I really don’t feel good about it.”

The Liberty Stadium is not a very old stadium. It was opened only seven and half years back in July 2005. The first match played at this stadium was a friendly match between Fulham and Swansea City. That match had taken place on 23rd July, 2005 and had ended in a draw.