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The former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has returned to Bournemouth as an advisor. Harry Redknapp has a lot of connections with Bournemouth after having been a very successful player, while also going on to successfully manage the club in the start of the 1990s. Now, he has returned to the club on an advisory role, which has not been named yet. The former Portsmouth manager is out of work after having left Tottenham in the summer. Harry Redknapp managed to guide Tottenham to the Champions League once in the last three seasons, while the club also finished in the fourth position last season.

The league one club has said that they will certainly be able to utilise the experience Harry Redknapp has to offer the club. However, Harry Redknapp will not be taking up any position within the management. Harry Redknapp has said that he will only be travelling to matches because Bournemouth is a football club that this extremely close to him. The club are currently in the penultimate position in the league one, and the arrival of Harry Redknapp could not have been at a better time. Portsmouth are at the bottom of league one.

“We met and he offered to come in on a voluntary basis. He still has a passion for the club and for football, and he’s got a lot to offer for us. Paul and Shaun will still have the final say on all football matters, there’s no doubt about that. They’re very astute people and they’re not above listening to anyone, and I’m sure they can learn from him. They have both worked with him before and I think there’s only person who would be able to get on that coach tomorrow without Paul and Shaun rejecting the idea, and that one person is Harry,” said the chief executive of the club.