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Ireland vs Australia – Ireland Win Rugby World Cup Match 2011

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15 thoughts on "Ireland vs Australia – Ireland Win Rugby World Cup Match 2011"

  • 22grena says:

    Hope your including Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan in Cúige Uladh

  • H0RIFurraH1 says:

    yeah right you feel better about yourself now? Aussies should just shut up and watch their team play, not sledge the haka, or go around calling other players black cunts or coons like they have done in the league, and certainly not carry chips on their shoulders like Phil ‘I hate the All Blacks’ Kearns. I’m not sad or insecure. I’m happy you got beat by Ireland and secure in the fact that you deserved it.

  • jratt2 says:

    I totally agree with you 1middlesbrough.

  • Zephyesa says:

    good win to the irish, but apparently theres reports come out of kiwis now spitting at aussies at the game, what a sad insecure people they are.

  • 1middlesbrough says:

    If Ireland do not at least reach the semi final now , from this position they seriously want their backsides kicking; they will never have a better team or chance

  • JamieCFurbo says:

    It makes me smile how irish and australia are the two coolest countries in the world..but god damn am I proud to be irish 😀


    0:04 if it didn’t say ‘new zealand 2011’ you’d swear it would be the aviva

  • NZkorza says:

    looks like an Ireland home game haha
    awesome crowd

  • teeshacooL19 says:

    Whoop (and the F****N) Whoop. the IRISH beat the WALLABIES 15-6. yay-yah. best game i’ve watched so far.

  • mrdarcyd says:

    That’s what I love about the spirit of rugby- win, lose, or draw you can still manage a handshake and a smile afterward

  • Belfast911 says:

    What a joy it must have been to be there.

    All I can do is watch our boys from back home…

    What a day, what a match. C’mon Ireland (and the Ulster contingent!)

  • MsMehaha says:

    Supporters from both teams shaking hands after an awesome game. True spirit of rugby right there. And well done Ireland!

  • dkod066 says:

    what a game!!comon the boys in green go all the way!!

  • mchief190 says:

    good to see the audience in good spirits.

  • gavmcguinness8024 says:

    I can tell you that there are 4 million + people here at home that are very envious of where you are tonight! I wish I was there for the game and the parties, that I am sure, will carry on into the early hours!

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