World Cup Rugby Vlog: Ireland vs Australia Reaction

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  1. cockneyrebel9

    I’m half Irish as well. But your right, It’s nice to see a six nation team outside of England and France, Get one over the Tri Nations in there own region.

  2. M3abhTh3W3irdo

    Yay go the Irish! Thanks for supporting us. Good luck to the Irish in the world cup!

  3. ConorSoccer98

    great video. thumbs up from an irish lad! keep it up!

  4. TheSplashyTadpole

    3:52 lol

  5. ScanlonrocNYC

    Nice to see some English support for the Irish. I think most of the Rugby world were happy to see Ireland win. It is a victory not just for Ireland but also for 6 Nations Rugby over the Tri Nations.

  6. Thanks for support to the irish, we should be seeing you English in the semi finals :)