Tour De France 2013 – Inside Line On Team Logistics

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  1. Tell this guy he’s great

  2. Global Cycling Network

    No, we just bloody love coffee! When we saw Hannah Grant at Saxo-Tinkoff
    she fed us Nespresso, which was such a relief after grim French coffee that
    we all fell in love with her a little bit!

  3. Global Cycling Network

    Haha, Dan and Simon may well be prats, but you are not surely suggesting
    that they are celebrities right? ;-) Glad you are liking Tom, he certainly
    knows his stuff.

  4. Oh, i see– they need to be sponsored by a certain manufacturer– Thanks

  5. I. Fucking. Love. Logistics.

  6. Global Cycling Network

    I don’t believe that any teams are sponsored by Rolf wheels. It’s mostly
    Shimano, Campagnolo and a few Mavic wheels that we’ve seen over in France.

  7. presenter is a bit wooden…but I actually like the fact that he seems like
    an ordinary guy who loves cycling as opposed to some celebrity prat! Keep
    up the good work guys :-)

  8. Three showers in one stall? Save water, of course.

  9. first!

  10. I’ve really enjoyed the behind the scenes of the team. I would be
    interested to see a video on how the official and press vehicles operate
    and are organized.

  11. Christopher Dotson

    upside down 13 on team car!

  12. Doesn’t anyone use Rolf wheels on tours? I see many riders use them for
    triathalons so just wondering? I have a set of Rolf TDF-4SL tubulars on my
    2007 System Six, 1165 grams, very stiff and aero– Great channel here, love
    the inside info and nice to see some pros close up

  13. These videos are great! I’ve always wondered about the starts and finishes
    of races and team buses and cars and you guys just cover it it all!

  14. “this is the coffee machine, probably the most important part of the bus”
    sounds familiar, do you guys share texts? ;)

  15. whty does he have to slap everything he is talking about? :)

  16. Even Hagerup Gulliksen

    Its cool with a new guy, he is doing better and better

  17. bring back simon

  18. newbie is working well! :D

  19. Simon Simon Simon

  20. wow wow wow i want this bus :-D

  21. He’s cool and he knows his stuff, he spot the 36t chain ring right away

  22. #13 upside down…good job following the rules, Lampre.

  23. kingdopplergaming

    I like the newbie… it adds some more variation!

  24. Do one inside line with team sky