25 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 Preview : Australia”

  1. I’m horrified at the arrogance of the South African fans following their win against Samoa last night. Even the Australians showed better sportsmanship and they lost! I have now ignored my dislike for Cooper and will be siding with the Wallabies in their quarter final clash.They will send the cocky saffas back to the desert where they came from.

  2. Bunch of Oz wankers with a “quack pooper” Opps! I meant “quade cooper”!
    early exit for Oz wankers!

    So much nonsense about Oz wankers being given a hand time in Kiwi land! Go Ireland!!!

  3. does anyone in Australia actually care? Union is probably only there 4th or 5th most popular sport, which makes beating NZ so much better..

  4. Mdr, j’aime trop ! =)

    Ps: Aller voir ma chaîne YouTube si vous aimez le rugby et le foot et laissez des commentaire ! Pouce vert pour que sa reste en haut svp 🙂 !

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