25 thoughts on “Jens Voigt Interview – 2008 Tour de France”

  1. In Jens’ first Tour de France he wasn’t aware you didn’t have to arrive in Paris on the first day. He had to back track almost 3,350km to start stage 2.

  2. “I get paid to hurt other people. How good is that? How good is that?
    You know, I get paid to make other people suffer on my wheel. That’s good.”

  3. I just wanted to tell him the same thing, it’s very common feeling.
    But that doesn’t mean that Jens is weak by any means, admirable for his sportsmanship, entertainment and for his massive digs in the Pro peloton.

  4. you’ve never done real sport now have you? everybod who’s a bit serious about running, cycling, football and any other breath-intensive sport has had that taste of blood my friend 😉

  5. I don’t care what you say… when all is set and done at the end of the day, Jens Voigt is the best cyclist in the world. He is a top-class, drug-free talent on the bike, the #1 role model for young kids who want to ride, and the most personable person in the peloton.  He is a flawless athlete.

  6. He always speaks sense. He’s so right about how the body and the mind screams at each other 😀

  7. jens voigt is der beste!!!
    hoffe, er kann den schlecks dieses jahr noch im klassement nach vorne helfen!!!

  8. True Professional…..If every cyclist in the ProTour peleton was like Jens then cycling would be watch more than football. Respectful, charismatic and entertaining.

  9. He’s a legend. The most entertaining rider in the whole Peloton both on and off the bike. 1:28 onwards is classic Jens…

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