25 thoughts on “Famous Irish Rugby Victory, Ireland beat Australia, Rugby World Cup 2011”

  1. also kiwis always go on about how aussies always bignote themselves lol
    just about every kiwi Ive met so far, carrys onlike they are 10 foot tall
    and bullet proof!

  2. @Zephyesa wow, are you that conscious about my comment that you feel the
    need to reply twice? seems like i hit a nerve. you have no choice but to
    admit you sucked because you lost, they played like shit versus italy too,
    only difference is ireland are good enough to capitalize on it.

  3. @ceLert87 awww boofuckinhoo bitch, have abox of tissues and go have your
    fukn periods somewhere else, I called you what you are, an insecure kiwi
    cunt who cant handle big brother aussie beating him, we dont hate NZ or
    kiwis, just the fuckwits like you who hate aussies, so grow up u sad little
    aussie hating fuck.

  4. @MsSloppyseconds So i see lmao. He only jealous his NSW aka New South
    Wankers lost to your beloved Queensland lol, an btw i support Queensland
    all the way. I think he needs to getta life if he has a life that is. Haha,
    yeah he did that to me as well removed his comment watta sore wanker lmao.
    See i call him out 1 on 1 the bitch hasn’t reply back lmfao.

  5. I think from what Ive seen of this WC so far, that kiwis would have to be
    the most rudest and arrogant people in existance, their hatred of aussies
    is so endemic they have to encourage other countrys supporters to side with
    them, even though the All Blacks are the tournement favourites. Lets not
    forget how much sympathy and help Australia extended towards our supposed
    neighbours during the Christchurch earthquake recently, this had little
    impact on the national sport of aussie hating.

  6. @Zephyesa it shows how much he hates australia and understandably because
    when your winning you act like cocky assholes but when you lose you have a
    cry and call it a “bad match”.

  7. @Zephyesa nsw? new south wankers? ahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go kweensland

  8. @Mad111Axe they do mate, it wouldnt matter if they had a 100 earthquakes
    and we helped out, they have this little brother syndrome about us, like we
    are going to go over and attack them at any moment, they are very insecure

  9. @ceLert87 your nothing but a typical aussie hating whining kiwi fuckwit,
    get a life dude, no one hates aussies overseas like you wish, its only
    kiwis with massive inferiority complexes about aussie like you that do, and
    that arrogant cocky team and staff as you call them took a day off to visit
    Christchurch and chat to the locals and do some clinics with the kids
    there, u fucking imbecile, and isnt half the kiwi team Samoan related? Dont
    chuck rocks if u live in a glass house you fuckn tool.

  10. @Zephyesa Why are you so made for, awww can’t you handle the jandal wa wa
    wa ?? lol. Well i play & watch Rugby League more than Rugby Union faggot.
    Haha i have they all act like little bitches LMFAO!!! What are you doin’
    outta of the kitchen bitch ?? cook me & the bros some eggs BITCH LMAO!!! An
    i don’t back down to no New South Wankers BITCH LOLMFAO!!! Oh i’m comin’
    over to Australian. After the RWC finals, i’m callin’ you out 1 on 1 bitch.
    Let’s see who the real bitch lol.

  11. @blUdz18 no us arent, as soon as aussies come near u u go mental, kiwis
    must have the biggest inferiority complkex about another country in the
    world, you call an aussie a kiwi he will just shrug it off, but you call a
    kiwi an aussie they go full retard. Do you call spitting on aussie
    supporters at games making the most out of it do you?

  12. @jizaye lol u back Italy? What threat are they to Australia? Why back them?
    are u goingt to roll up in russian and USA colours too? Do you really think
    that will help them much? Just admit u hate aussie so much u encourage the
    rest of the world 2 hate us too, at least be honest about it.

  13. @ceLert87 we beat nz rlwc 2000 and tri nations 11 haha i tbag nz with my
    juicy balls

  14. @MsSloppyseconds I was gonna mock you i was like nah don’t wanna be stink
    to you like i was with Zephyesa lol. I’ve have nothin’ against you. Since
    your Queenslander lol. Oh how many years ago was that ?? I don’t think
    everyone remembers who was playin’ for the Kangaroo’s at the time not
    hatin’ jusy sayin’ not like oh New South Wanker over there lmao.

  15. @Zephyesa Haha, you wanna take a good look at yourself in the mirror you
    whining little faggot!!! Stop fuckin’ hatin’ over people opinion bitch. An
    no they not related dumb ass!. I think you need to getta life, all i see
    you leavin’ comment after comment, you got nothin’ to prove to me or other
    people. You just a plan wanker who cries to damn’ much because your country
    lost boohoo. Go & cry to your mummy no cares alright. Who said i’m hatin’ ?
    fuck your dumb an dumber well as think an thinker.

  16. and I apologise for the previous earthquake comment, but u know u can only
    take so much insane hatred, if we had gone over there 50 years ago and
    invaded the place and killed a 100,000 or more kiwis in a war, I would
    understand, but they hate on the silliest excuses, they are basically
    insecure people.

  17. @ceLert87 Lol was just trolling Zephyesa because he was talking shit about
    Qlders on another video. I posted a comment on his page that he deleted.
    He’s the one with the inferiority complex lol.

  18. @Zephyesa Spitting on Aussie fans at games is way over the top and yeah, if
    it’s true that ‘s been happening then I’m ashamed of the assholes who did
    it…As A kiwi (who like literally millions of others has lived in
    Australia) I will always have respect and love for my Aussie brothers and
    sisters. It’s a great, warm-hearted country! But, that aside…GO AB’S!!!
    Let’s keep the sport on the field and the idiotic nationalism in the
    fucking toilet where it belongs!!

  19. @Zephyesa Like i give a flyin’ fuck how many RWC your country have won. Oh
    how many times have the Ab’s beaten the so call RWC 11 champions ?? well
    Ab’s not that far of reachin’ a 100 wins on faggot as assholes lmao. I
    think you need to take a chill pill you get pretty heater up pretty fast.
    Oh didn’t the Kiwi’s beat the Kangaroo’s 08 RLWC & Tri-Nations finals 10 ??
    oh how shamin’ lol.

  20. cant believe the Aussie media were blaming the referee….it was plain for
    all to see, Australia were simply blown off the park by the Irish, their
    scrum demolished them and they were completely outplayed and well beaten by
    a better team on the night. Australia are a fantastic team with very
    exciting backs , but the irish team has infinately more experience, and
    they outplayed and outwitted them..

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